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[Up] Table of contents

1 Introduction 1.1 Synopsis
1.2 Synopsis examples
1.3 System requirements
1.4 Package information
2 Commandline options
3 The configuration file GT.CFG
4 Output format description
5 Detected file formats 5.1 Archives
5.2 Images
5.3 Executables
5.4 The rest
6 Future plans
7 Known bugs
8 Error handling
9 ThanX go to
10 Contact the author

[Up] 1 Introduction

GetTyp is a file format detection program for DOS. It detects several formats without looking at the filename. It searches the code for special strings and byte code to identify the fileformat.

The author disclaims all warranties as to this software, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the accompanying documentation for further disclaimers and information.

GetTyp is FREEWARE! That means you can do whatever you want with the ENTIRE package. You can copy as the ENTIRE package as often as you want on how many computers you want for as long as you want - okay?

There is also a mailing list running at eGroups.

Check out the WebSite
or subscribe by sending an eMail to

I will send all released version (and some beta releases) to this group.

[Up] 1.1 Synopsis

Synopsis: GT [filemask1 [filemask2 [...]]] [options] [> filename]

If no filemask is specified, "*.*" is used as default value. You can also pass a path and a drive.
If no extension is specifief, GetTyp uses ".*" as default value.

[Up] 1.2 Synopsis examples

GT scan all files in the current directory
GT *.PAS scan all .PAS files in the current directory
GT *.EXE *.COM /NX /NA scan all .EXE and .COM files in the current directory and do not use XMS and do not list files in archives if any found
GT C:\WINDOWS\*.DLL scan all .DLL files on drive C: in the directory \WINDOWS
GT /s scan all files in the current directory and in all subdirectories
GT *.TXT /s scan all .TXT files in the current directory and in all subdirectories
GT *.EXE *.DLL *.SYS > GT.NFOscan all .EXE, .DLL and .SYS files in the current directory and write the results to the file GT.NFO
GT *.TXT /FILEtexts.txt scan all .TXT files in the current directory and save the result to the file "texts.txt"
Note: GT a* b*is equivalent to: GT a*.* b*.*

if you want to scan the files "a*" without extension, type:
GT a*.

Note: GT *.EXE *.COM /F /NX
GT /nX /f *.cOM *.eXe
GT /F *.Com /Nx *.ExE
GT *.COM /f /nx *.exE
is all the same.

[Up] 1.3 System requirements

GetTyp needs at least a Intel 80286 or higher. It needs at least 200 KB of conventional memory. GetTyp uses XMS if is detected. XMS is only necessary when handling recursive EXE overlays. If no XMS is available it uses conventional memory instead.
GetTyp does not use EMS.

[Up] 1.4 Package information

This package should contain the following files:

GT.EXE the main executable - required
GT.DAT the data file - required
GT.CFG the configuration file (not needed, but useful)
GT.TXT the documentation file in text format (for DOS)
GT.HTM the documentation in HTML for all the rest of you
GT.HIS internal history of GetTyp
GTSETUP.EXE small setup program to setup your gt.cfg
FILE_ID.DIZ small description file

[Up] 2 Commandline options

/Cn Set the maximum length of the internal EXE compare buffer.
The default value is 80 but some modifier have a (much) shorter
startup code so this is only the maximum.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
Possible values are between 5 and 80, default is 80.
/F Displays only a result if the file was identified by GetTyp.
If this switch is not used, GetTyp displays one message out of
the following list:
  • Textfile (DOS format)
  • Textfile (UNIX format)
  • Binary file
and additionally:
  • File may be 7 bit only
This is only a suggestion, because GetTyp analyzes only the
first 8 Kilobyte of each file.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/H or /? Displays a screen with the syntax and exits with errorcode 1.
This switch is not allowed in the configuration file.
/I Displays some internal information.
This switch is not allowed in the configuration file.
/L Simple file listing.
Prints only the filename, the size and the type of the file.
This may be helpful if scanning whole drives.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/Mn Stop after n identified files.
n must be greater 0 or an error message will occur.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/NA Do NOT list the contents of an archive.
If an archive is found GetTyp will only note the type of the
archive, but will not list its contents.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/NC Do not use the configuration file.
The configuration file will be ignored. Only commandline options
will be evaluated.
This switch is not allowed in the configuration file ;-)
/ND Do not show directories as identified.
Otherwise GT will identify directories as files of the type
[directory]. If you don't want this use this switch.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/NH Do not use heuristics in EXE/COM startup code detection.
If you don't use this switch, GT may display EXE/COM modifier
which end with (?) or (??). This means that GT is not sure and
found 1 or 2 different bytes. If you use this switch, GT only
displays entries where it is sure.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/NL Do not use long filenames.
This switch will disable the usage of long filenames under
Windows 95/98. Use this if any problems occur... (no bug
reports until today.)
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/NS Don't print final summary.
Normally GetTyp prints out a small summary about the files
found, the files identified, the time it took and some info
about the archives found.
If you use this switch GetTyp will not display it.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/NX Do not use extended memory (XMS).
Normally GetTyp uses some XMS if it handles EXE overlays or
EXE to COM converted COM files. If /NX is used, GetTyp tries to
allocate conventional memory but this may cause a heap overflow
on difficult files like ARJ.EXE.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/OUTfoo Save the output to the file "foo".
Normally GetTyp prints the results to the screen but if you
use this switch, you can redirect all the output to a file.
This is especially helpful when calling GetTyp from an external
tool which cannot redirect the out via ">".
This switch is not allowed in the configuration file.
/OVER Overwrite the file specified with /OUT.
Normally GetTyp would not print the results to a file if this
file already exists. With this switch you force GetTyp to
write the results to the file "foo" even if it exists.
If you want if every time, you can include this switch in the
configuration file GT.CFG.
/P Pause after every 24 lines of output.
When GetTyp stops, it displays the message
"Press any key to continue, P to disable pause".
If you press "p" then GetTyp won't prompt you for a key until
it finishes.
You may also use MORE.COM because GetTyp writes to STDOUT.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/S Search subdirectories.
If you use this switch, GetTyp will scan all subdirectories of
the current directory - otherwise it does not ;-)
This may be very helpful if you want to scan a whole drive.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/ZA Enable search for ARI archives
Normally GetTyp wont search for ARI archives because there is
no appropriate method to detect it :( Since there were so many
misdetections I made a special switch.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
Only available for registered users:
/XO Extended object file listing.
GetTyp can list lots of information about an object files but
this may not be interesting for most of the people and because
it's really a lot of crap I decided to make an extra switch
for it.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/ZE Show extended EXE header anyway.
GetTyp normally displays only the identified compiler (if any)
on PE/NE executables. If you use this switch GT will also dis-
play the further information - only for professionals!
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/ZH Supress output of header.
GetTyp wont display the first three lines.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/ZN Show only not identified files.
GetTyp will only show the files that can't be identified.
This is mainly an internal switch.
You can use this switch in the configuration file.
/ZS Show only final statistics.
GetTyp will only display the final statistics and no further
output. Mainly used internaly for information.
You can NOT use this switch in the configuration file.

[Up] 3 The configuration file GT.CFG

What's the configuration file: The configuration file allows you to customize your version a little bit.
You can set standard switches. Nearly all switches are allowed, except
/?, /H, /I and /NC.
Standard file masks are not allowed.
For a list of all switches see 2 Commandline options.

Comments: Empty lines and lines starting with a semicolon (;) are interpreted
as comments; spaces and tabs are ignored.

Errors: If something is wrong in the configuration file, GetTyp will halt,
an tell you what's wrong and in which line the error was detected.

[Up] 4 Output format description

- [TEST\CHECK.PAS] -----
Pascal source: program "Check"

TEST the path to the file, relative to the start path
CHECK.PAS the filename of the researched file
Pascal ... the type of the detected file (here: Pascal source code)

[Up] 5 Detected file formats

92/74 archive formats
15 image formats
404 EXE/COM modifier/compiler
144 PE EXE modifier/compiler

[Up] 5.1 Archives

  Detect this type of archive
  List the files in the archive (incl. size and %)
  List date and time of the archived files
  Identify password encrypted files
  Identify file comments
  Identify SFX archives
  List SFX archives
Archive name copyright ©
777 0.04b1 ++-+-??1997-98 by Igor Pavlov
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"EX_" ++---??1990-95 by Stirling Technologies
"LIB" ++---??used with installSHIELD

[Up] 5.2 Images

Image name copyright ©
BMF 0.3 by Dimitri Shkarin
BMP (Win, OS/2)???
CDR (6/7/8) by Corel Inc.
EMF by Microsoft
GIF (+GIFLITE) by Compuserve
MAC by Apple Computer Inc.
PCD by Kodak
PCX by ZSoft
PNG pnglib
PSD Adobe Photoshop
RAS by Sun
TIFF by Aldus/Microsoft
WMF by Microsoft
WPG by WordPerfect

GetTyp detects the following 40 IFF subtypes:
  1. copyright notice and license
  2. Annotation or comment
  3. Document formatting information
  4. Footer information of a document
  5. Header information of a document
  6. Page break indicator
  7. Paragraph formatting information
  8. Deluxe Print page definition
  9. Tab positions
  10. Text for a paragraph
  11. File version
  12. Formatted text
  13. Pro-write word processing
  14. Amiga Contiguous Bitmap (Microsoft Basic for the Amiga)
  15. IFF Deep (24-bit color image)
  16. 2D object standard format (vector data)
  17. Raster font
  18. Vector font
  19. InterLeaved Bitmap (interleaved planar bitmap data)
  20. Portable bitmap
  21. Macintosh picture
  22. 24-bit color image (Impulse)
  23. 12-bit color image (Impulse)
  24. Turbo3d renderung data (3D objects)
  25. YUV image data (V-Lab)
  26. Animated bitmap
  27. Cel animations
  28. Super smooth animation (ProDAD)
  29. Deluxe Video Construction Set video
  30. 8-bit sampled voice
  31. Audio interchange file format
  32. Sampled sound
  33. Uhuru Sound Software Macintosh voice
  34. General use musical score
  35. Simple musical score
  36. MIDI music data
  37. Uhuru Sound Software musical score
  38. Bitmap header
  39. Color table
  40. image data

[Up] 5.3 Executables

0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ??? driver PE NE LE

Modifier name copyright ©
[index] 0-9
624 1.0 Kim Holviala
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aPack 0.73 - 0.74 Jibz
aPack 0.73 - 0.74 -d Jibz
aPack 0.73 - 0.74 -m Jibz
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aPack 0.90 - 0.99 [EXE] Jibz
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aPack 0.90 - 0.99 -d/-s -m [EXE]Jibz
aPack 0.90 -m -p Jibz
aPack 0.90 -m -x Jibz
aPack 0.96 -i -m Jibz
aPack 0.96 -m Jibz
aPack 0.98 - 0.99 [COM] Jibz
aPack 0.98 - 0.99 -t [EXE]Jibz
aPack 0.98 - 0.99 -x [EXE]Jibz
aPack 0.98 -f -m [COM] Jibz
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aPack 0.99 -f -m [COM] Jibz
aPack 0.99 -i -m [COM] Jibz
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[index] B
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BUNNY 4.1 Password Manfred Bunjes
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[index] I
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[index] O
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[index] P
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[index] Q
Quick Basic Microsoft
[index] R
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REC 0.33a ROSE
REC Small 1.01 ROSE
REC Small 1.02 ROSE
REC Small 1.02a ROSE
REC Small 1.03 ROSE
REC Small 1.05 ROSE
RELOC 1.00 ???
RJ Crush 1.10 Ronald J. Skinner
RoseTiny 0.95 ROSE
RoseTiny 1.02 ROSE
[index] S
SEA AXE 2.00 System Enhancement Associates
Scram 0.7c1 - 0.8a1 bushwoelie & ACP
SCRAMB 1.20 B.U.G.
SCRAMBLE 0.2 beta3 Tiny Spaceman Software
Scrunch 1.02 Graeme W. McRae
SCRb2e Graeme W. McRae
Scrypt 1.2 SMT
Secure 2.1b ???
SelfEnc 1.0 Daniel Arndt
SENs debug protection SEN Kemerovo
Shadow 1.0 beta Tailgunner
Shield 1.70 V Communications
Shrink 1.0 Thomas G. Hanlin III
Shrink 2.0 Kevin Tseng
SnoopStop 1.15 Trills and Technology
$pirit 1.5 Night $pirit
Stone's Comrypt Stone
SuckStop 1.08 kaot
SuckStop 1.10 kaot
SuckStop 1.11 kaot
[index] T
TinyProg 1.0 Tranzoa
TinyProg 3.3 - 3.9 Tranzoa
TinyProt 1.0e Igor Hakszer
TinyXor 0.1 dR.No
TLink Borland
TPack 0.5ß -m1 Tuscon
TPack 0.5ß -m2 Tuscon
TPC's COM scrambler 1.0 T.P.C.
Trap 1.13 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.14a Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.15 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.16ß1 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.16ß2 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.16 - 1.17 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.18 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.19 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.20 Christoph Gabler
Trap 1.21 Christoph Gabler
Turbo Assembler Borland
Turbo Basic Borland
Turbo C 1.0 (1987) Borland
Turbo C 2.0 (1988) Borland
Turbo C++ 3.0 Borland
Turbo Pascal 3 Borland
Turbo Pascal 4 (1) Borland
Turbo Pascal 4 (2) Borland
Turbo Pascal 5 Borland
Turbo Pascal 6 Borland
Turbo/Borland Pascal 7 Borland
Turbo Prolog 1986 Borland
TurboChainer 1.03 TWT
[index] U
UC2X 2.4 Ad Infinitum Programs
UComCry UniquE
UNP x Ben Castricum
uN-uPC 1.10 cINOgEN
Un2pack 2 ­data­
UPX 0.20 Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.30 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.30 - 0.40 [COM] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.40 - 0.51 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.51 - 0.72 [COM] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.62 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.70 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.71 - 0.72 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.81 - 0.84 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.82 - 0.84 [COM] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.92 - 1.02 [COM] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.90 - 1.02 [EXE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
USCC 1.3 Dark Destroyer
Username 3.00 Jordi Mas
[index] V
V-Load 0.9ß ONYX
Vaccine 1.03 - 1.10 Rustam M. Abdrakhimov
Virus Self Destructor 2 Wojciech Wysznacki
[index] W
Watcom C (1994) Watcom Inc.
Watcom C (1995) Watcom Inc.
WordPerfect EXEPack WordPerfect Inc.
WWPack 3.00 - 3.05 Rafal Wierzbicki & Piotr Warezak
WWPack Mutator 1.1c Stefan Esser
[index] X
X3 Dark Stalker
XcomOR 0.99a madmax!
XcomOR 0.99f/g madmax!
XcomOR 0.99h madmax!
XcomOR 0.99i madmax!
XLOADER 2.00 CyberMan and ST!LLS0N
XorCopy 1.0 Deimos
XoReR 1.0 dR.No
XoReR 2.0 dR.No
XoReR 2.1 dR.No
XPack 1.0j JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.0m - 1.20 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.29 - 1.30 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.31 - 1.66 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.31 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.33 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.34 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.36 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.39 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.40 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.44 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.45 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.52 - 1.60 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.64 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.52 - 1.64 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.65b2 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.65b3/b4 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.66 JauMing Tseng
XPack 1.67 JauMing Tseng
[index] Y
YifPress 1.0 Yiftah Niv
[index] Z
Zortech 2.00 library (1) Zortech
Zortech 2.00 library (2) Zortech
[index] ???
unknown by GyikSoft 1 GyikSoft
unknown by GyikSoft 2 GyikSoft
unknown by JVP JVP
unknown by Mr.Wicked Mr. Wicked
unknown by Synopsis Synopsis
unknown by RAO RAO
unknown virus 1 !!! ???
[index] Device driver
device driver ???
SysPack 0.1 ???
UPX 0.20 - 0.40 Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.51 - 0.72 Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.81 - 1.02 Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar

[index] Portable executables (PE EXE)
Alloy Prakash Gautam
AppLok 95 2.0 Prakash Gautam
Armadillo 1.80 Chad Nelson
ASPack 1.01b Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.02b Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.04b Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.05b Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.061b Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.061b [DLL] Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.07b Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.07b [DLL] Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.08 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.081 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.082 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.083 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 1.084 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 2.000 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 2.001 Alexey Solodovnikov
ASPack 2.100 Alexey Solodovnikov
BJFNT 1.1 Marquis de Soire
BJFNT 1.2 Marquis de Soire
BJFNT 1.3 Marquis de Soire
Borland C++ Win32 (1994) Borland
Borland C++ Win32 (1995) Borland
Borland Delphi 3 Borland
Borland Delphi 4 Borland
Cexe 1.0a Tinyware Inc.
CodeCrypt 0.14b defiler
CodeCrypt 0.15b defiler
CodeCrypt 0.16b - 0.161b defiler
CodeCrypt 0.163b defiler
CodeCrypt 0.164b defiler
CodeSafe 2.0 Zhang Dehua
CodeSafe 3.0 Zhang Dehua
CrypKey Instant Stealth 5.0.161Kenonic Control Ltd.
Ding Boys PE-lock 0.07 Ding Boy
EXE Protector 1.37a Eyhab Hillail
Harlequin Dylan 1.2 Harlequin Group
Lcc-win 32 1.3 Jacob Navia
NeoLite 1.0 - 1.01 Neoworx
NeoLite 1.04 Neoworx
NeoLite 2.00 Neoworx
NFO 1.0 bart
PCPEC [alpha] The+Q, Plushmm & MrNop
PE password encryptor SMT
PEBundle 0.03 Jeremy Collake
PEBundle 0.05 Jeremy Collake
PEBundle 0.05wtd Jeremy Collake
PEBundle 0.06 Jeremy Collake
PEBundle 0.12wtd Jeremy Collake
PEBundle 0.14wtd Jeremy Collake
PEBundle 0.15wtd Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.92 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.977 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.978 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.978.1 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.978.4 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.98 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 0.99 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.00 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b1 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b2 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b3 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b4 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b5 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b6 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b7 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.10b8 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.20 - 1.20.1 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.22 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.23b3 - 1.24.1Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.24.2 - 1.24.3Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.25 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.26b1 - 1.26b2Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.33 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.34 - 1.40b1 Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.40b2 - 1.40b4Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.40b5 - 1.40b6Jeremy Collake
PECompact 1.40 - 1.41 Jeremy Collake
Petite 1.2 Ian Luck
Petite 1.3 Ian Luck
Petite 1.4 Ian Luck
Petite 2.0 Ian Luck
Petite 2.1 Ian Luck
Petite 2.2 [PE DLL] Ian Luck
Petite 2.2 [PE EXE] Ian Luck
PELOCKnt 2.01 Marquis
PELOCKnt 2.02ß Marquis
PELOCKnt 2.03 Marquis
PELOCKnt 2.04 Marquis
PeX 0.99 bart^CrackPl
PE-Crypt32 1.0 random and acpizer
PE-Crypt32 1.1 random and acpizer
PE-Crypt32 1.2 random and acpizer
PE-Prot 0.9 Christoph Gabler
PKLite32 1.1 PKWARE
Private EXE 2.0a Midstream
Private EXE 2.2 Midstream
SecuPack 1.5 SC - Soft
Shrinker 3.2 A.S.M. Inc
Shrinker 3.4 A.S.M. Inc
SPEC beta 3 hayras
Stone's PE Crypter 1.0 Stone
Stone's PE Crypter 1.13 Stone
Symantec Visual Cafe 3.0 Symantec
tELock 0.41c tHE EGOiSTE
tELock 0.42 tHE EGOiSTE
tELock 0.51 tHE EGOiSTE
UnHack32 1.1 Black Panther
UnHack32 1.2 Black Panther
UPX 0.51 [PE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.62 [PE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.62 [PE DLL] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.70 [PE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.70 [PE DLL] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.71 - 0.72 [PE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.71 - 0.72 [PE DLL] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.81 - 0.84 [PE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.81 - 0.84 [PE DLL] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.89.6 - 1.02 [PE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.89.6 [PE DLL] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.92 - 0.94 [PE DLL] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.99/1.00 - 1.02 [PE DLL]Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.99.1 - 0.99.3[PE DLL]Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
VGCrypt 0.75 Virogen
Virtual Pascal 2.1
Visual C 2.0 Microsoft
Visual C++ 3.1 Microsoft
Visual C++ 4.2 (DLL) Microsoft
Visual C++ 4.2 (EXE - 1) Microsoft
Visual C++ 4.2 (EXE - 2) Microsoft
Visual C++ 4.2 (EXE - 3) Microsoft
Visual C++ 4.2 (EXE - 4) Microsoft
Visual C++ 5.0 Microsoft
Visual C++ 5.0 (debug) Microsoft
Visual C++ 5.0 (no debug)Microsoft
Visual C++ 5.0 SP3 Microsoft
Visual C++ 5.0 SP3 (debug)Microsoft
WWPack32 1.0 Rafal Wierzbicki & Piotr Warezak
WWPack32 1.09 Rafal Wierzbicki & Piotr Warezak
WWPack32 1.10 - 1.11 Rafal Wierzbicki & Piotr Warezak
WWPack32 1.12 Rafal Wierzbicki & Piotr Warezak
WinKript 1.00 MrCrimson
Winzip SFX Nico Mak Computing

[index] New executables (NE EXE)
Borland C++ Win16 (1991) Borland
PC Guard 1.50 for Win16 Blagoje Ceklic
PKLite 2.01 PKWARE
Shrinker 3.2 A.S.M. Inc
Winzip SFX Nico Mak Computing

[index] Linear executables (LE EXE)
UPX 0.05 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.20 - 0.40 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.50 - 0.61 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.62 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.62 - 0.72 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.81 - 0.83 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.84 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.89.6 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.90 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.92 - 0.94 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 0.99 - 1.01 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
UPX 1.02 [LE] Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar
Watcom C++ 1994/1995 Watcom Inc.

GetTyp also detects several EXE overlay types.

[Up] 5.4 The other formats

FiletypeAdditional information
Adobe PostScript filecreator string
ADONIS application libraries 
ADONIS export filename of the first model included
aPatch data file 
Armadillo project file 
Batch files 
BGI device drivercopyright message
BGI stroked fontcopyright message
Borland Delphi units (old)the name
the source name
the dependencies of this unit
the Turbo Pascal version to use with
Borland Delphi 3 units (new)the source file name
Borland Delphi 4 units (new)the source file name
Borland Delphi form modules 
Borland linker mapping file 
Borland overlay file 
Borland precompiled header file 
Bourne Shell Script 
C++ library 
C++ symbol file 
Common Object File Formatnumber of entries
Compiled resource file 
Corel Draw 6-8 filessee RIFF files
Creative voice music file (VOC)version
every block
sampling rate
length of silence
Crypt!the version
high security: yes/no
coprocessor used
DBase databasethe version
all columns and their width
DER encoded binary X.509 certificate 
Device drivereither character (+name) or block (+count) device
FPK Pascal unitsthe version
FPK Pascal object file 
Fractal Extreme movie file 
Fractal Extreme palette file 
HTML filesthe title
IBM Help file 
ibo Ablauf-Profi file 
IDA DLL description file 
Impulse Tracker Modulethe name
installShield InstallScript 
installShield uninstall file 
Java bytecode 
Java source code 
JavaScript source code 
Links LS shot file 
Lotus 123 worksheet 
Lotus AmiPro document 
Lotus Notes 4.5 database 
Lotus WordPro document 
Microsoft Access database file (MDB) 
Microsoft browse information file (SBR) 
Microsoft C/C++ library 
Microsoft C/C++ program database 
Microsoft Compress 6.22 file 
Microsoft Excel 4 worksheet 
Microsoft HTML_Help file 
Microsoft precompiled header file 
Microsoft profiler file 
Microsoft workspace file (MDP) 
Modula source codeeither a program
or a definition file
or an implementation file
MPEG fileLayer
Error protection
NU Disc doctor undo file 
Object fileBINOBJ converted or not
name of the exported procedure
module name
memory model
optimizations or not
DOSSEG linker option or not
include libraries
CodeView enabled or not
linker pass two marker
dependency list
list of names
length of a segment
public definitions
group definitions
module end record
fix up record + length
Logical enumerated data + length
External name definition record
Pascal source codeeither a program
or a library
or a unit
or a procedure
or a function
or just general code
Pax Imperia II save game 
Perl file 
PGP messagethe version
PKCS #7 certificate 
Portable Document Format (PDF) 
Quick Pascal unit 
QuickTime movie file 
RIFF filegeneric object listing
some special types (e.g. Corel Draw)
Symantec Internet Tools Data File 1.0 
Text fileDOS style or Unix style
Thunderbye Anti virus checksum 
TrueType Font (TTF)Font name (standard or Unicode)
Turbo Basic configuration file 
Turbo C configuration file 
Turbo C context file 
Turbo C help file 
Turbo C pick list file 
Turbo C project file 
Turbo Pascal configuration file 
Turbo Pascal desktop file 
Turbo Pascal pick list file 
Turbo Pascal help file 
Turbo Pascal unitsthe name
the source name
the dependencies of this unit
the Turbo Pascal version to use with
Turbo Profiler configuration file 
Turbo Vision help file 
Virtual Pascal Unit v3 
Wave music file (WAV)compressed or not
sampling rate
data size
bits (decompressed)
Windows 3.x Help filename of the help file
Windows 95/98 Help file 
Windows mouse cursor file 
Windows PIF fileapplication name
Windows program manager group filethe name of the groups
Windows registry file (binary) 
Windows registry file (textual) 
Windows shortcut file 
WinWord 2 document 
WinWord 6 document 
Word for DOS document 
Wordperfect filemacro file
help file
keyboard definition file
document file
dictionary file
thesaurus file
block file
rectangular block file
column block file
printer resource file
setup file
prefix information file
printer resource file
display resource file
overlay file
hyphenation code module file
hyphenation data module file
macro resource file
graphics driver file
hyphenation lex module file
PostScript font file
Unix executable 

If no other type was detected, GetTyp prints out the following:
This output can be suppressed by using the /F switch.

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    Robert F. Day for his OBJ2ASM disassembler.
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